Deconstructing Gwen Stefani–Scholar At Work


Karen Woodward plunges into the deep end of the wading pool that is Gwen Stefani’s cultural impact. She’s defending her thesis Deconstructing a cultural icon: A case study of Gwen Stefani next week in Syracuse for her M.A. in Media Studies.

Woodward writes:

I poured over magazines,TV appearances, concert footage, music videos, etc and analyzed how she presented herself, how the press presented her, and then I interviewed fans to see what they thought of her.

Woodward continues:

“Bottom line: it’s about Old Gwen vs. New Gwen, and this OC Register writer is right – she can’t continue to pass herself off as this small town girl from Anaheim. Not when she’s touring the world with her Harajuku girls and chillin’ with celebs.

Having said that, there is a whole new generation of Gwen Stefani fans; these are the tweens who never really knew her as that cute, genuine Gwen from No Doubt. To them, New Gwen IS “Gwen Stefani. ” (You have to say it as if she’s being introduced at the MTV Video Music Awards. “Gwen Stefaaaaani!” )They aren’t disappointed in what she’s become, because this the Gwen they were first introduced to. These are the people buying/downloading her CD.

And that’s it in a nutshell. A difference between the needs and expectations of two generations.”

Woodward sent her thesis off to Gwen’s representation. And you know what that means.