Vulture Circles Debra Messing’s Off-Target Show

The headline for Margaret Lyons’ Vulture review is emphatic: “Mysteries of Laura Is a Bad Show. It’s a Bad, Bad Show.” And as you might expect, the article below that headline is a rad read. It’s a rad, rad read.


Starting with some astute bricks-and-mortar fact-checking:

Messing stars as Laura, a miserable human who abuses her police power by intimidating random pre-school teachers. She loves product-placing Target, and even though she lives in Manhattan, it seems very, very unlikely that she lives anywhere near Harlem or 117th Street. I resent integrated advertising in general, but it’s truly egregious here.

In the manner that many of us pronounce Target, it seems as if Messing, NBC and a roomful of misguided writers have indeed concocted a “tuuuuur-kaaay.” One that also apparently fumbles the letter of New York state divorce law. Enjoy.

The only good news here for NBC is that Lyons’ review is based on the advance availability to critics of the initial episode. It’s not entirely impossible for a network series to make a successful, 90-degree turn after the pilot. The Mysteries of Laura previews tonight at 10 p.m.

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