Deborah Norville: Paris Is Like ‘Crack,’ But Now Legit News

paris_061107.jpgFrom Inside Edition host Deborah Norville‘s blog:

I was just sitting down to write my inaugural blog entry for TelevisionWeek when the news hit. My plan had been to talk wistfully about what I call “The Paris Pledge.” It was a pie-in-the-sky idea of mine that all of us in the media business would place our rights hands on the Nielsen Bible and pledge NOT to cover any comings and goings of Paris Hilton. (To the list one might also consider adding such ‘luminaries’ of the night scene as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Nicole Richie and others less front page/section A material to mention.) To such party princesses, publicity is oxygen and perhaps, I fantasized, if we deprived them of a few column inches and a couple of minutes of TV time — they might– just MIGHT– suffocate a bit and slink back into whatever alcohol-soaked VIP section from which they came.

Okay. I said it was pie-in-the-sky. I, as well as anyone, know the party princesses are ‘crack’ to which we in the syndicated magazine world had become addicted. “We” may think the Paris/Lindsay/Britney story beneath us and hold our nose as we broadcast it — but we know if we don’t do the story, our competitors will — and the viewers will lunge for the television remote to change to THEIR channel. So we show the princess preening for the cameras … and feel uneasy for having broadcast it. … I mused, “Perhaps since we in the media created this Paris phenomenon … we could also make it go away.”

But then Paris was released from jail: “For the first time in her red carpet laden life, Ms. Hilton is a legitimate story.”


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