Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Museum Files for Chapter 11

If you were anxiously awaiting a trip to see all the sights and sounds of Hollywood, it looks like visit to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee might not be worth it after all.

Actress Debbie Reynolds‘ non-profit, which was busy building the Hollywood Motion Picture and Television Museum to house her massive collection of pieces of movie memorabilia, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, having run into a snag when a lender sued the company over the more than a million dollars they say they are still owed. This has brought everything to a halt, with the building only half done (this continuously updated webcam of the structure’s progress is apt of be slightly awkward if the bankruptcy keeps things shuttered for long).

But fear not, as you could always either a) go to California to see the actual place movies are made, b) travel to one of tje few remaining Planet Hollywood’s, or c) keep your plans to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, because after all, Dollywood is still there.