Warner Bros. Calls on the Lunch Box Lady

Three years ago, Deb Clarke opened a Collectibles and Lunch Box Museum in Nice, California. Her modest efforts to memorialize the earliest days of showbiz marketing took an unexpected turn last November when she was contacted by a Warner Bros. intermediary.

Per a report in the Lake County Record-Bee, the studio is planning an upcoming celebration of WB collectibles at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. A representative from an ad agency working with the studio contacted Clarke on Warner Bros.’ behalf, and after she confirmed the authenticity of the request, things quickly moved forward:

Initially, the offer was to rent the lunch boxes, including a very rare and valuable metal lunch box from The Jetson’s. Clarke said she wanted the lunch boxes insured against any damages and was assured that would be the case.

After nearly two months without hearing from anyone, Clarke received a call last week from an archivist at WB. “The guy said, We want to buy them now,'” she said. “I said, Cool. That’s even better.’ I have doubles (of most of the lunch boxes). I’m probably going to rent them the ones I don’t have doubles of and sell (the others).”

Clarke, whose museum is one of five such institutions currently operating in the U.S., tells reporter Kevin N. Hume she expects to reap some valuable Google Search rewards when the Paley Center show opens.