Death Row’s death rattle?

Suge, Suge, Suge…sugeknight.gif

How many times have we told you? We know it bring up painful, unpleasant memories, but when they ask you to show up in court, you gotta show up in court.

The BBC is reporting that Marion “Suge” Knight appears to have sent Death Row Records into receivership and may be facing jail time: Lawyers for Lydia Harris, a former Knight pal who says she co-founded the label with former husband, Michael Harris are asking that Knight be held in contempt and jailed until he discloses all of his assets in the debt hearing.

Most amusing in all this is the comment from Suge’s lawyer, Dermot Givens – who also mised the Saturday hearing:

“We try our cases in the court and not in the press.”

Right. Except for when you don’t show up.