The death of the podcast?

Podcasts are popular on many news sites and internet users download them in droves. If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, sites like Hipcast have you covered. Hipcast allows anyone to create podcasts (as well as other content) using their computer or telephone. The site is not free, but does offer a 7 day trial.

Podlinez lets podcast fans listen to their favorites on the telephone. Simply enter the podcast feed url and Podlinez produces a number to call and listen. The site already has a existing cache of podcasts/phone numbers, but any podcast can be assigned a phone number in minutes.

TalkShoe reimagines the one way conversation of a podcast and turns into a talk show that anyone can join. Site visitors, other podcasters or sources can join in on the podcast via phone or computer while it is being recorded. The conversation can then be store and played for other listeners.

If you’re looking to turn your podcast into a readable document, CastingWords offers podcast transcription for a small fee. Impressively, the service is done by actual humans so you don’t receive an illegible mess. The transcripts can be incorporated into the text areas of a site and are especially useful to those who cannot listen to audio, including users who are reading the site at work.