#DearCongress Trends As Americans Weigh In On The Government Shutdown

After Congress failed to reach a resolution on a short-term funding measure, the U.S. federal government officially shut down Tuesday morning.

Evidence of how frustrated the American public is with Congress for failing to reach a compromise is rampant on Twitter.

To get a gauge of sentiment on social media surrounding the government shutdown, the TODAY show and Carson Daly asked the public to share their messages for Congress using the hashtag #dearcongress.

The response? Enormous.

In less than 24 hours, the #dearcongress hashtag generated more than 36,000 mentions across Facebook and Twitter.

TODAY.com put together a #dearcongress Storify that showcases public opinion across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, TODAY and NBC News analyzed 5,000 tweets sent within roughly two hours after the hashtag launched, and found:

– Paycheck” was the most used term with 350+ mentions

– Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was the most cited politician overall, followed by Obama

– “Republican” or “GOP” were used 2.75 times more often than “Democrat”

For Facebook mentions, TODAY.com collected the below data:

(Source: Today.com.)