Dear Prudence, We Love You

1219dearprudence.jpgThe best part of Slate is reading Emily Yoffe‘s weekly advice column “Dear Prudence.” The writer, who recently became a drag king just for the sake of her alternate column, “Human Guinea Pig,” is pretty damn awesome. Why is she awesome? Because each week, Yoffe fields questions from readers that range from quirky to batcrap insane. Seriously, here’s this week’s lead question:

About six months ago, I was walking my dog in the neighborhood when I noticed a picture of a naked woman on the ground. It was a neighbor. A few months after that, another neighbor told me that his 12-year-old son had just found lying around on the street another picture of this woman in the buff. A few days ago, I found yet another picture. She is a married woman with two young daughters. I see her husband frequently on the commuter train to work. I have lots of questions: Why are these pictures finding their way to the streets of our neighborhood? Who is taking the pictures? Does her husband know? I don’t mind seeing the occasional picture of a naked woman, but I don’t want my daughters to find pictures blowing around. What should I do?

Yeah… That’s a common problem. I mean, doesn’t everyone constantly run into hot, naked pictures of their female neighbors?

Ultimately, who cares whether these problems or real or not. She’s recently fielded questions about relatives who ruin other relative’s pro sports careers, interracial couples who are offended people think they’re Democrats and parents who are into pr0n websites. Seriously, this woman rocks.