Deal United’s Facebook “Credits Rewards” Lets Clients Incentivize Signups and Purchases With Virtual Currency

German offer provider Deal United today announced it is entering the virtual currency incentives industry with the launch of “Credits Rewards”. The new service allows brands to reward to users with Facebook Credits when they make purchases, registrations, signup for newsletters, enter contests, fill out surveys and more. Because virtual currency is so cheap to distribute and Facebook users may value Credits higher than their actual cost in dollars, they can be a cost effective way for businesses to reward users for following their call actions.

Deal United will be competing with industry pioneer ifeelgoods, a Credits microincentive startup that launched a year ago. The space has plenty of runway, though. As users gain the ability to pay Credits for digital media and content as well as virtual goods, demand for Facebook’s virtual currency will rise and Deal United incentives will become more appealing to users and businesses.

Founded in 2007, Deal United aggregates offers directly from advertisers to provide game developers the ability to let their users pay for virtual goods by shopping. In June 2011, Facebook chose Deal United as one of two European partners that can contribute offers to its official offer walls that are run by TrialPay. The reduced margin associated with having to deliver offers through an intermediary may have pushed Deal United to branch out into virtual currency incentives.

With Credits Rewards, businesses can create a value exchange where they previously had to nag users to follow their calls to action. They can set their own reward value, for example providing two Credits for signing up for their email list, five for following them on Twitter, 10 for filling out a survey, or 50 for making a purchase. These actions don’t cost a user anything, so it’s easy to justify taking a few seconds or receiving some marketing messages in exchange for Credits that help them play their favorite social game, rent a movie, or gain access to a pay-per-view experience.

If the current trend continues, Facebook Credits will be accepted as payment by more and more online companies, and one day they might let users buy physical goods. Social gaming is a booming industry in Germany, with companies like Wooga processing huge volumes Facebook Credits payments. The Munich-based Deal United will be well positioned to attract European brands looking to capitalize on the demand for Credits.

By becoming one of the three companies licensed to dispense Facebook Credits, Deal United has partially tied its fate to the success of Facebook’s virtual currency. If demand continues to rise, and especially if Credits for Websites and HTML5 mobile apps take off, Deal United’s Credit Rewards could become a crucial customer acquisition method.

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