Deal or No Deal Cashes in on Facebook’s TV Game Show Genre

Deal or No Deal from iWin is a Facebook version of the well-known TV game show. The title was launched July 6 and has seen steady growth in monthly active users while daily active users have remained stable after the first 20 days or so. This is iWin’s third TV game show-based social game after Family Feud and 1 vs 100.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Deal or No Deal currently has 964,450 monthly active users and 130,657 daily active users.

In Deal or No Deal, players compete against a mysterious “Banker” character in an effort to walk away with as much money as possible. The game presents players with 26 briefcases, each one containing an amount of money between $1 and $1 million. Players choose one case as theirs at the outset and open a set number of cases per round after that. As cases are opened, the sums of money they contained are taken out of play.

The Banker presents players with a deal at the end of each round, which they can either take and keep, or reject and keep playing, hoping that the case they chose at the outset contains more money or that they get a better deal offer after the next round. At the end of the game, players must open their case and they are shown how much it contains versus the highest deal from the Banker. If the sum their case contains is more, they’re considered a winner. Either way, they keep what is in their case. Along the way, players can win bonus experience points, extra players, more money and items for their collections by picking the right cases. Power-ups are also integrated, such as allowing players to remove the lowest-value cases from play

The game offers both single-player and tournament play against two other Facebook users. This mode alters the gameplay slightly, allowing players to accept up to three deals by the Banker during the course of the game. The player that ends up with the most cash is dubbed the winner and receives a hefty bonus. Players can also participate in other social features such as inviting friends to join their “Deal Crew” and share in bonuses as more are added, or choose to share winnings with friends. It’s also possible to invite friends to compete in a quick-play round in order to win more play tokens.

Deal or No Deal is monetized through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase more Episodes, which are tokens spent each time the player wishes to participate in a game. These tokens can also be one during the course of play and are given to players at the rate of one every 12 hours.

iWin has been steady adjusting the game and adding new content. For example, the developer recently raised the per-game prize cap to $1 million and introduced an item collecting aspect of the game, whereby players can earn extra episode tokens and other prizes by finding and collecting special item icons while playing.

You can follow Deal or No Deal’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.