Deadspin and Jezebel Staff Members Are Writing Each Other’s Stories for April Fools’ Day

The results are hilarious

It's the first day of April, which means a few things: Baseball season—and by proxy warmer weather—is on the horizon, and brands and other companies will do their best to prank their followers on social media today.

But perhaps the best prank came courtesy of a pair of Gawker Media outlets Deadspin and Jezebel. All day, the writers for each outlet are writing for the other one (internally being referred to as "Jezspin"), and the results are pretty great.

Some of our favorites are below:


Glimmering Polycottons, Knee-Length Shorts & Lightly Flashy Workwear at Thursday's Basketball Games

"Several teams in the National Basketball Association held simultaneous events across the country and displayed how to be casual and comfortable in front of the cameras while also looking sharp, well put-together, and fit—without the predictability that LA stylist culture brings to the spotlight."

Man, These Chicks Suck at Baseball

"Instead of making plays—going for that good ole home run—the players just stand around staring at the ball. The announcer is completely birdbrained, and one of the chicks KICKS THE BALL"

Man Surpasses Other Man

"A man made a bunch of dunks Thursday night, surpassing another man who'd previously had the most dunks. That's gotta burn for that second man, the one being surpassed! Oh yeah."


Prominent White Feminist Discovers Rap Music is Indeed Dangerous

"Taylor Swift tweeted a teaser from her widely anticipated upcoming film #TAYLORvsTREADMILL, a documentary that explores the lives of celebrity millenials in an age that values self-care more than ever."

Ryan Gosling Is Not All That Good Looking, IMO

"I dunno. His eyes are very tiny. That is the only noteworthy thing about his face. His chin is pointy. So is The Joker's."

Hedi Slimane Leaves YSL to Explore Free Agency

"Hedi Slimane is a major fashion figure and definitely not best known as the subject of a long, meandering tirade that interrupted my Yeezus tour show."