’s London Editor Steps Down (Updated)

Tim Adler is retiring his post as editor of Deadline|London. Adler, an accomplished entertainment business journalist, took the helm of Deadline|London in January of 2010.

FishbowlLA is hearing from multiple sources, all of whom wish to remain anonymous, that Adler quit, “because he got tired of Nikki Finke calling him 20 times a day.” While a barrage of phone calls is hardly out of character for Finke, a place on her speed dial seems a strange reason to quit.

Finke’s version of events are considerably less melodramatic. She tells FishbowlLA:

Tim is continuing to write for Deadline London while finishing a book and planning to work on other book projects. Meanwhile, I’m about to start looking for an international editor. I am proud of the fact that Deadline continues to have a remarkably stable work force of staff and freelancers.

We’ve been unable to reach Adler for comment, but we did at least come up with a photo.

Update: When I asked Nikki Finke for a comment on Adler’s retirement, I neglected to mention the rumor that she was calling him “20 times a day.” I want apologize if Finke felt broadsided by the claim, and for not giving her a chance to respond before it was published.

While our sources are reliable, they also insist on remaining anonymous, and Adler himself remains unreachable for comment. Finke claims it is false. We haven’t seen the phone records, so we don’t know. FishbowlLA would love an on-the-record response from Finke that we can share with our readers.