DC’s Must-See TV

Is this what we’ve come to? The White House press briefings are “must see TV”? Really? There was a lot of media hand-wringing over the weekend about the handling of last week’s Cheney shooting.

B&C has a Q&A this week with “Firebrand in the Front RowDavid Gregory, who was also blogging about his rough week last week in the Brady Press Briefing Room, and he doesn’t pass up the opportunity to do some explaining and take a shot at Fox News:

“There’s a built-in tension between the White House and the press corps because we’re more skeptical about what they’re saying. People tend to view what the press does through their ideological prisms and see us as actors with some kind of agenda. Frankly, the White House seeks to stoke that view; you hear that on talk radio, and some people on Fox News have been critical of our questioning and make the argument that we have a point of view, which is really not the case,” he says.

Speaking on Reliable Sources, though, Ari Fleischer says the White House screwed up and could have had the Cheney shooting be a one- or two-day story if they’d been more forthcoming earlier. “I think the White House correspondents were right on this one. They did have a legitimate beef. They should have been told about it. But I think you can be right and still go bonkers, and I think that’s what happened here,” Fleischer said.

Of course, according to Drudge, this story may still not be over. Luckily for Scott McClellan, he at least gets the day off today: No official gaggle and no briefings, although we’re likely to see some questions aboard Air Force One at some point today.

Perhaps Fleischer said it best: “I really think I’m fortunate I no longer live in the crucible of Washington, where everything is so hot and so important.”