DC: The Real Center of the Universe?

Although DC is full of egos, we still do suffer from an inferiority complex when compared to New York City. But Matthew Felling, media director for the Center for Media and Public Affairs, makes a compelling case on CBS’ Public Eye Blog for moving network newscasts down to DC (sorry FishbowlNY brother).

“Why are network newscasts in New York City anyway? What can be accomplished in New York City that couldn’t be accomplished in … say, I don’t know … hmmm … Washington, DC? (Or Chicago or Los Angeles or …) I can’t think of any newsy reason why all the network news studios have to be headquartered there. When’s the last time you heard an anchor say “We were able to cover this story with the necessary staff because we’re in New York City…[T]he technological capabilities that make it possible to beam live from Iraq or London minimize the advantages of being in New York City. In theory, ABC News could beam out of Tulsa.”

Felling has a point, especially when you consider that the bulk of stories covered on the nightly newscasts take place in Washington, not Manhattan.

Felling also has a suggestion for the future of CBS’ Evening News:

“From here, it looks like you’ve got two options. First, you can hire Katie Couric and see how the Queen Bee’s buzz sounds in the evening. Or … keep Schieffer, move the “CBS Evening News” south to DC, save the network evening news’ relevancy, and see how much higher a Schieffer-led newscast can rise.”