DC Still A-Twitter

The Telegraph had a little piece just over a week ago, “Twitter taking off among Washington journalists.”

Bit of an understatement now, don’t ya think?

Seems like Twitter is all anybody’s talking- and tweeting- about. Howard Kurtz takes a look at the Twittering habits of David Gregory, Terry Moran and such in Media Notes today.

Over the weekend Politico’s Mike Allen broke out of a Twitter funk with this piece.

Allen’s colleague Patrick Gavin named the “10 most influential DC Twitterers” today. Included are journos Gregory and Ana Marie Cox, but we were remiss to see that our personal faves John Dickerson and Chris Cillizza didn’t quite make the cut. Cillizza also expressed his disappointment today on MSNBC.

Not to be left out, The Caucus, the NYTimes’ politico blog, checks out the Twittering habits on the Hill here.

And, what would a piece about Twitter be without a little shameless self-promotion? You can follow FBDC here.