D.C. Based CollectiveX Relaunches as Groupsite

CollectiveX, the site where you can create your own professional network, is undergoing some major re-branding this week, changing the look of the site as well as the company’s name. CollectiveX is now Groupsite, which is more identifiable as a service designed for groups that would like to work together in an online environment.

Launching a couple of years ago, CollectiveX was among the first of the major services to offer free group collaboration products. With a distinct focus on professionals, CollectiveX’s feature set revolved heavily around action-oriented capabilities, and less on socialization. That being said, CollectiveX hasn’t seen the same success as some of its peripheral competitors such as Ning. While CollectiveX has been careful to distinguish itself from other self-sustained network creation sites, it’s clear that a new direction is necessary for the company’s long-term success.

Now named Groupsite, the changes made to the website itself remain mostly cosmetic. The focus of the company appears to remain the same–enable teams and organizations to leverage the power of social networking for the purpose of achieving common goals. This particular direction for CollectiveX, now Groupsite, was really pushed forward late last year when the company underwent a mini makeover, adding a series of new features to the site.

Will the re-branding work? We typically see more changes internally when a company completely re-brands itself, and that isn’t entirely the case with Groupsite. But the company is also announcing a new program designed for developer partners, which really highlights the fact that CollectiveX is looking to go in a new direction without veering away from its core product and competencies.

The new program is called the Groupsite.com Certified Partner Program, which is a selective partnership for developers, designers, trainers, social media consultants and community builders. The purpose of the program is to extend some of the features it already had to the most valuable of its users. While there haven’t been many details revealed for the new program, it appears to be a way to build a foundation for supporting power-users, further aiding in their Groupsite-specific needs for the creation, maintenance and efficiency of their groups.