DBW Webcasts Teach You How to Format eBooks

DBW–the ongoing community that grew out of the Digital Book World conference–is running a series of Webcasts designed to teach interested parties how to format eBooks. This dovetails nicely with our “Making of An eBook” series.

The Webcast series–the first installment was free–features Joshua Tallent, founder and CEO of eBook Architects, a firm that specializes in eBook formatting. He’s also the author of this book, Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide (a book with which this blogger may shortly become obsessed).

Next in the series is a set of intensive A-Z sessions in how to format, distribute, and convert an eBook for use on various devices; the Webcasts will take place on Wednesday, March 3 at 1pm, Wednesday April 14 at 1, and Wednesday May 12 at 1. Tuition of $50 per session or $125 for the whole series, and there’s a discount for DBW members.

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