Daytime Emmys Add Courtroom Category and Open Judging


Courtroom shows finally have their own Daytime Emmy with the addition of an Outstanding Legal/ Courtroom category. Tabloid Baby likes Christina Perez.

Steve Rogers of NATAS also announces that all nominations will be actually viewed:

We are proud to announce that, for the first time, all of those entered into the Daytime competition will have their achievements viewed by judges. Formerly, a paper ballot was utilized in our first round of voting, meaning only those who were nominated out of that round, ever actually had their materials viewed for judging purposes.

And thus, more judged are needed.

With this bold and important initiative, it is essential that we enlist as many qualified judges as possible. Therefore, we have left the judging application module of our Daytime Online system OPEN.

In order to be eligible to judge you MUST have national
credits in either Daytime or Primetime programming within the last five years. You may also participate as a judge if you have a significant body of work.

Submit yourself here.