‘Day One’ Is Today’s Free eBook Of The Day

Day One by Bill Cameron is today’s Free eBook of the Day.

The detective novel is about a woman on the run and a teen runaway. Here is more from the book’s description: “Born and raised in southern Oregon farm country, Ellie Spaneker flees her home and abusive husband, unaware she’s being tracked by an ex-cop in the hire of her vengeful father-in-law. In Portland, retired homicide detective Skin Kadash fills his idle days drinking coffee and searching for Eager Gillespie, a teen runaway of special interest as the only witness in a troublesome and long-unsolved murder. Eager, meanwhile, is on his own, grifting and oblivious to the danger he’s in.”

The free download from  Tyrus Books is free until 12/17. Amazon has the download.

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