Dawn of the Immortals Launches on iOS

dawn of the immortals 650

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the launch of its newest game, Dawn of the Immortals, on iOS devices. The free-to-play MMORPG takes players to a fantasy world where goblins have somehow gathered the power of machines in their quest to take over the world. Players choose their class, create their hero and take on these monsters, uncovering the story by completing quests of their own.

In Dawn of the Immortals, movement controls can be handled in a variety of ways. Users can drag a virtual joystick for precise control, or simply tap on the ground where they’d like to move. Finally, players can tap on an active quest to automatically move to its location.

Players tap on enemies to attack them, or can tap on an attack button in the corner of the screen to automatically attack nearby enemies. As players earn experience points, they’ll unlock special skills that can be assigned to hotkeys and used each time they recharge.

As players complete quests and progress through 60 levels, they’ll collect new gear and weapons, and will have access to a system of enhancements and embeds. These features allow users to increase the base strength and defense stats of their characters, aside from any weapons or armor they may have equipped. Players can also purchase new gear instead of waiting to find it during quests.

For social play, users can join guilds or chat with others in parties and group chat. The game contains world bosses as well as PvP and PvE arenas for additional challenge. Gamers can take their progress with them across devices, with an Android version of the game coming later this year.

“We have done an amazing job on PC MMOs,” said Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, general manager of mobile at Perfect World Entertainment. “Perfect World is ready to apply that level of expertise to mobile games, and with Dawn of the Immortals, we’re going to bring players the best mobile MMO game they have ever played.”

Dawn of the Immortals is available to download for free on iOS.