Interview: Dawn of the Dragons Proves MMOs Can Work on Facebook [Video]

At this year’s Social Developer Summit, I had the chance to sit down with Robert Winkler, co-founder of 5th Planet Games and creator of Dawn of the Dragons. The team is small, and two things stand out about Dawn of the Dragons. The first is that the game has that high production value and infinite customizability that reminds you of classic MMORPGs. The second is that with such a small team, they’ve accumulated nearly 100,000 MAUs and are continuing to grow. See the video after the jump to see Robert take the time to explain and demonstrate the game.

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Robert Winkler of 5th Planet Games Discusses Dawn of the Dragons from Neil Vidyarthi on Vimeo.
The growth of a smaller game by a smaller team is becoming a rarer story in the booming social applications industry. The common reasoning is that as big players like Playfish, EA, Playdom and now Disney get involved, it becomes much tougher for small games to crack the market. However, games like Dawn of Dragons demonstrate that creating a compelling experience and focusing on storytelling will prevail. There’s no doubt that the most intriguing part of the game to me are the elements of narrative, such as the player starting as a farmer before being forced to become a warrior to save his/her village.
In any case, check out the game here and let us know what you think!