“DaVinci” redux: The Force is strong with… Anikin Suitstalker?

Is next…lawsuit!

We see today that a Russian art historian has accused “The Da Vinci Code” target author Dan Brown of plagiarism, just days after a UK judge rejected a suit from Michael Baigent et al.

Per the BBC, St. Petersburg-based Mikhail Anikin said he would sue Brown if he did not receive an apology and a large envelope stuffed with cash.

You know, we’re starting to believe that an enterprising reporter should start to look for a link between Brian Grazer and whomever is suing Brown, because come on already. You can’t buy this kind of publicity in the run up to a big movie…or can you?

[Note to readers: That last part needs to be read with a lilting sneer, comedically insinuating the worst about the high-haired Grazer. If you read it straight, go back, and say it aloud in your most suspicious, Sherlock Holmes-ish sort of voice. It’ll really add to the experience.]