David Weigel Will Not Giggle At Your Tea Party | Turner Classic Movies Is Sorry They Tried To Sell You A Car That’ll Kill You | Satire Is A Common Language

On The Media: David Weigel, tea party cover-er, says he tries to avoid doing “point and laugh” stories. But “wildly gesticulate and guffaw” stories are still ok.

New York Times: Turner Classic Movies apologized for airing a commercial for Toyota on their “commercial-free” network. Then Ted Turner crawled out of every horrified viewer’s screen and began eating family pets.

Global Post: El Koshary Today is sort of like Egypt’s version of The Onion, with headlines like “ElBaradei reveals he is a trained Jedi master.” Mm. So maybe more like Egypt’s version of SNL.

FishbowlDC: Guess the faces of your favorite NPR voices! In my head, they all look like my junior high French teacher, who dressed exclusively in Chico’s.

WebNewser: Justin Bieber is the top most Tweeted “brand.” This is probably the last year he can get away with this, right? Once he hits puberty, he’s going to stop looking like an non-threatening cute lesbian boi and then girls will want nothing to do with him. Call it the “Hanson Curse.”