David Shuster Battles Fox, Evil

david3shuster.jpgIf you’re not a regular TVNewser reader, MSNBC’s David Shuster has gotten into quite the little pissing match with Fox News’ horde of damage control experts.

It all started when Shuster explained to his hometown paper, The Herald-Times, why he left Fox, and, in the process, criticized the network. It wasn’t the first time he’d said such things, but this time Fox hit back–hard, as they are prone to do.

Fox execs decided to publicize details out of his confidential HR file.

Now Shuster has hit back again: “If I want to do a hit job on Fox News, everybody at that organization knows that I could tear them apart,” he tells TVNewser. “Everybody there also knows that it would be a severe mistake to try to start a battle with me. Roger Ailes, John Moody, and the rest of management knows that I would do far more damage to them than they could ever do to me.”

> In classic form, Fox has officially wished him well.