David Rockwell Appears in Cosmopolitan Hotel Ad, Talking About His Interior Design Work

Proof that not everything in Las Vegas is cursed, unfinished hotels, pedestrian-frightening malls, and hair-burning death raysDavid Rockwell has appeared in this first of six short films/commercials publicizing the soon-to-open Cosmopolitan hotel in that city. Somewhere below his high-brow travels, being profiled in the New Yorker and joining the board at the Cooper-Hewitt for example, and somewhere nearer to his work designing the Academy Awards‘ sets or, heck, working with Daniel Libeskind in Vegas last year building a Tiffany & Co. shop in the Cosmopolitan-adjacent CityCenter development, Rockwell handled all the interiors for the new hotel. Working with the IFC cable network, who produced the films, the designer/architect appears in this first one, finding him explaining the make up of the swanky rooms. It’s all scripted and very much an ad, of course, but sometimes it’s nice just to see Rockwell in action, right? And we can’t deny that we wouldn’t enjoy staying in one of his nifty rooms.