David Poland is Not Afraid of Getting Sued by Nikki Finke

Nikki Finke published a lengthy post yesterday slamming outgoing MMC exec Lynne Segall, accusing her of an assortment of unethical behavior. The charge that Segal attempted to blur the line between advertising and editorial is especially serious, but given Finke’s somewhat elastic relationship with the truth, media sites like LA Observed and The Wrap are taking the claims with a grain of salt.

David Poland over at Movie City News goes one further, calling Finke out for her hypocrisy:

What kind of person tries to kick someone as they leave a job? A piece of shit. The same kind of piece of shit who writes nary a negative word about a failed Paramount executive as she is in bed (figuratively) with his boss.. until he is dumped… at which point she shits all over the guy in print, never, of course, mentioning the man who hired him in a fit of brain damage in the first place. The same kind of person who roots for a network exec to fail, never taking into account the many, many people whose livelihoods depend on his success.

Finke, Poland contends, does her writing “based on a Friends List and an Enemies List”

Tell us, oh Queen of Transparency, why you haven’t written a single harsh word about any upper management at 3 of the majors in years? Tell us, Nikki, who feeds you your take on the two major indies out there right now and why nothing you ever write goes against their personal positions? Tell us, Nikki, who at Fox TV pulls your little strings? Tell us, Nikki, how much it costs in information to get you not to write a story?

He ends his rant with a little tip of the hat to Finke’s notorious practice of threatening lawsuits:

But that’s just how I see it… so sue me…