David Pogue’s Estranged Wife Tells Her Side of Assault Story

Also accuses his lawyer of threatening her

New York Times tech writer David Pogue and his estranged wife Jennifer were arrested this past May at their Westport, Conn., home and charged with “disorderly conduct” following a “domestic dispute” that “turned physical.” Last week, Jennifer Pogue wrote to local news site WestportNow to give her side of the story and to “correct the misinformation” that had been published in the Westport press.

“I was assaulted with my own iPhone while I was lying on my bed reading a book,” Pogue wrote. “I fought to get my iPhone back because I had an audiophile [sic] from earlier that evening of David treating me horribly in front of my children. I called 911. [David] lied to the police, telling them that I was not supposed to be in the house and that he was acting in self-defense—not that he assaulted me first. Because we both hurt each other, we both had charges against us by the state, which have now been dropped.

“I am not happy about the way the media has spun this story,” Pogue wrote, claiming that she has been the “victim of published lies” and accusing the press of printing “untruths as truths without any standard of accountability,” although she didn’t specify exactly what she had taken issue with.

Pogue also claimed that her husband’s lawyer, Mark Sherman, threatened to sue her if she released the iPhone audio file. Sherman later responded to the accusations, telling the New York Observer, “Mrs. Pogue’s accusations regarding David’s divorce strategy are pure fiction . . . In order to serve the best interests of the Pogue children, it would be inappropriate to comment any further. It is unfortunate that Mrs. Pogue is not exercising the same degree of discretion.”