David Pogue Puts Every Other Marriage Proposal to Shame

David Pogue, tech reporter for The New York Times and host of NOVA’s Making Stuff (it’s quite good!), just went viral. How did he do it? Well, earlier this month he conspired with some actors and a film crew to make a fake movie trailer depicting his relationship with his girlfriend, Nicki Dugan. He arranged to have the trailer shown before a screening attended by the couple and their families, and he rehearsed with the actors to make sure that his real-life proposal synced up with the action on screen. The event truly has to be seen to be believed.

We find the whole thing a little ridiculous, what with the over-the-top soundtrack and the odd meta self-love vibe, but we are impressed that he managed to find an actor whose face looks so much like his own.

Most importantly, Pogue’s girlfriend-fiancé clearly ate it up (and BTW, her job description just happens to be “tech PR exec”). And it certainly blew our proposal out of the water. What do you think?

*Final note: Pogue can’t claim all the credit for this masterpiece–his teenage kids came up with the idea. Sounds like they may have a future in communications!

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