David Gregory: The Response

  • Chris Wallace: “The Traditional Meet the Press Audience Will Shop Around.” And, he think there’s a much more level playing field now.

  • Angela Henderson: “I thought I would wipe away the tears and write a little something about this morning’s announcement of the new moderator of ‘Meet the Press.'”

  • Me: “One journo to fishbowldc re: david gregory and tom brokaw: ‘Get a room!'”

  • Phil Rosenthal: “David Gregory faces challenges as ‘Meet the Press’ presser.”

  • Matea Gold and Faye Fiore: “Indeed, Gregory’s arrival could recharge the already pitched rivalry among the Sunday shows after 11 years in which ‘Meet the Press’ has dominated the ratings.”

  • New York Times: “‘Meet the Press’ Changes, and Hopes Its Rank Won’t”

  • Howard Kurtz: “Even at 6-5, Gregory Has Big Shoes to Fill at ‘Press’

  • Loads of Twitter reaction here.