David Foster Wallace Works Get Mapped In New Web App

While you probably don’t think of map apps you probably don’t think of literature, D.C.-based artist William Beutler has a new Web map app that is based on David Foster Wallace’s book Infinite Jest. Infinite Atlas, as it is called, chronicles all of the locations mentioned in the book, both real and fictional.

Entries on the map include the page number, a description of the place and the characters involved. For example, “Marlborough/Marlboro Street” first appears on page 23. Here is the description: “location of prestigious gallery where the ‘last woman’s  old art through / location of brownstone where JOI and Avril lived before Mario and HI were born.” Readers can also search the map based on a list of characters.

The map has social elements as well. For example, readers can upload their own photos of places on the map to be shared with the other community of users. In addition, there are Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons.


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