David, David, David

So was NBC’s David Gregory drunk yesterday when he called into Don Imus‘s radio show on MSNBC? Um, well, perhaps not. “Of course he was not drinking,” NBC spokeswoman Barbara Levin told the Reliable Source today. “Do you watch Imus? If so, you know how he jokes.”

Now even though that wasn’t the strongest denial ever (and didn’t come from Gregory himself), we’ll give it the benefit of a doubt. Thus the only remaining option is that he was high.

Of course, emailers over at our cousin TVNewser see an insidious plot by Karl Rove to undermine Gregory: “Ask yourself this–what reporter has taken the most aggressive line of questioning against the Bush administration? Now see why it might be that the right-wing is out to destroy his reputation. As the poster said to you, he was just FINE later on. He had the giggles. He wasn’t drunk. Please don’t repeat the GOP talking points, okay?”