David Corn’s Blog Move From CQ to AOL’s PoliticsDaily

Like Sarah Palin, Mother Jones’ David Corn says he’s leaving– leaving the blog he writes for CQ. Unlike Palin, Corn’s taking on a new gig, moving to AOL’s PoliticsDaily. He’ll start later this week and joins some big names there- Lynn Sweet, Jill Lawrence, Walter Shapiro, and Carl Cannon, to name a few.

From his farewell post:

The media world we reporters, commentators, bloggers and Twitterers now live in is ever-changing and ever-churning. Many of us need to tap-dance on multiple platforms simultaneously. It can be exciting–but also tiring. I long for those summers when I worked for a weekly magazine that went biweekly–and there was no website beast to feed. But that was then.

These days, journalists are like many other Americans: you never know where the cliff’s edge is. Security is ephemeral. And outlets are declining, even as the digital revolution allows for a greater and freer (in all meanings of the word) flow of information. Still, within this uncertain environment, great work is being done by professionals who care about the business of creating and disseminating important news and commentary. I’ve been fortunate to be part of one of these experiments: CQPolitics.com.