David Corn Chops GOP Hair on Capitol Hill

Granted, Mother Jones‘ Washington Bureau and MSNBC political analyst David Corn has such a thick head of hair that sometimes we like to refer to him as one of the Founding Fathers. When his silvery mane gets unruly he really can look like the spitting image of the late President Andrew Jackson. But yesterday he did something rather remarkable on MSNBC’s Martin Bashir program: He sneaked in a shot at Republicans on Capitol Hill who may not have such luxurious locks.

The topic: Fast and Furious. Yesterday the House found AG Eric Holder in contempt over a gun inquiry.

“Now they’re arguing over what the Justice Department response was to the congressional investigation, so it seems ever more peripheral,” Corn argued. “All these people who work on the Hill are pulling the little hair they have out of their heads over gun walking to Mexico. They don’t want to take a single productive step about solving or addressing that problem and that’s the real crime here.”