David Corn in Stranger Danger in Tampa?

Read Mother Jones and MSNBC Contributor David Corn’s Twitter feed this morning and it reads like a script for a Lifetime TV movie of the week.

For starters, has anyone ever told Corn to be careful when talking to strangers, let alone potentially accepting invitations to flee his fleabag motel for a random room or couch belonging to someone he may not know?

Corn arrived in Tampa some 15 hours ago and started out with delicious Cuban food at La Teresita restaurant. From here, things went downhill as he arrived at his hotel. Which is when he turned to HuffPost-AOL Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington. “Got an extra room?” he begged her.

He soon explained to a follower, “Feel free to join me at our Days Inn dump.” He then proceeded to crack on the hotel, saying, “If I don’t hear gunshots tonight at my Tampa hotel, I’ll be surprised. Heard a splash in the pool. Thought it was a body, not a swimmer.” And this: “This hotel says one thing: reality tv show. And not a good one. Very grainy footage.” And this: “I want ice…I’m scared to get ice. #MotelFromHell.”

The hotel? It’s the Days Inn near Busch Gardens. Some fun facts: The hotel charges about $46 per night and offers a business center, health activities, a restaurant, sports, transportation and a pool. The full American breakfast — two eggs, two pieces of bacon or sausage and two pieces of toast — starts at an economical $2.99. We called the hotel — Larry, the hotel operator with a southern twang, answered and said he wouldn’t describe the joint as the “motel from hell.” After all, he said, “I’m staying here,” and suggested we call back this afternoon when the hotel manager, Jim Avril, is around. Meanwhile, more complaints from Corn: “I could use more than a beer,” he writes. “I’d stick my head out the door to check on the weather, but… I’m scared.”

With that, he continues begging Arianna and her posse for a place to say. The publication is offering a spa-like retreat to reporters in between edits. “I think I’ll move to the HuffPost Oasis. You think I can sleep on a yoga mat? #TheMotelOnTheWrongSideOfTown” And then he threatens the colleague who arranged the crappy accommodations. “The person at the office who booked these rooms better run when I get back. If I get back. #TheMotelThatMakesYouWantToCry

This is when things take a bizarre turn as he starts considering invitations from followers. “Really?” he writes to @missnicely. “How comfortable is the couch?” Miss Nicely offered Corn room on her couch “in a better part of town.” To @VictoriaJWhite he writes, “Are you seriously offering that?” White, a “kind follower” and Tampa-based medical writer and editor for AMWA, has offered “an extra bedroom downtown in her nice condo.”

He asks, “Should I accept & abandon my colleagues?”

Please, someone slap some sense into Corn and quick. Should he leave his colleagues for a couch in a stranger’s home? Hmmm…

Seems a night of sleep didn’t help. This morning Corn awoke and was all doom and gloom. “I dreamed I was in dark water and being bitten by big snakes. Really.#MotelFromHell and #ATownFullofRepublicans,” he wrote. Followed by, “Report from my window: No rain, no wind, no bodies in the pool.#MotelFromHell

Corn soon left the motel, but didn’t say whether he’ll return. If you were the manager, would you let him back? He wrote, “Escape from #TheMotelFromHell is successful.”