David Copperfield (Poof!) Appeared In Our In-Box

HLN.Fountain of Youth.jpegCNN used to air news. Now they air … air. And water.

A few days after discovering the “Fountain of Youth,” on one of the islands he just bought (you’d think that would have been on the disclosures), David Copperfield calls Robin & Company this morning to offer a ridiculous, cryptic interview about … well, really about nothing.

Here’s the transcript CNN sent us this morning:

ROBIN MEADE, CNN HEADLINE NEWS: Some people are snickering after magician David Copperfield announced that he found the Fountain of Youth. The magician says that the water with remarkable healing powers is on one of the islands that he just happened to have bought in the Bahamas. Now the island contains a super-exclusive resort and it’s so cut off from civilization that there is only very limited available to phones.

Since making that announcement, David Copperfield hasn’t spoken to anybody in the media, but David has apparently gotten enough of a phone signal from the islands to call us right now and join us on the phone.

David, hi.

DAVID COPPERFIELD, MAGICIAN (via telephone): Hi, Robin. How are you?

MEADE: I’m good. Thank you so much. You’re a friend of the show; you’ve been on with us before. And now this is the first that anyone has heard from you since you made this Fountain of Youth announcement, so to speak.

COPPERFIELD: I’m in seclusion.

MEADE: I’m going to be just right out here and ask you, is this a great big setup, maybe, for your next trick, so to speak?

COPPERFIELD: No. This is something that I believe to be very, very special. It’s not an illusion or something I’m going to do for a TV special or something. This is something really cool. But as Robert Ripley said, Believe it or not.

In a way, if most people don’t believe, it’s probably better for me because it’s more privacy and less curiosity seekers.

MEADE: You bought this cluster of islands for about $50 million — that’s a report, anyways, I don’t know if that’s true. Is that true?

COPPERFIELD: That’s true.

MEADE: Okay. On that resort is the Musha Cay. It’s a resort. And so, in saying that there is a Fountain of Youth on that, won’t that promote Musha Cay and then therefore bring more people as paying visitors?

COPPERFIELD: It could. It’s a nice place for me to stay while I’m doing my research, that’s for sure.

MEADE: Tell me a little bit about what you say is the Fountain of Youth. What happens when things come in contact with it?

COPPERFIELD: We’re in the process of testing it right now. So far, we’ve had really interesting results with plants and small animals and so forth. For example, you can take dry and brittle leaves, and when they come in contact with the water, they will become green and lush again. We’ve taken little, like, animals like insects and they will come to life after being very, very close to being dead.

It’s a really, really remarkable thing. We’re not sure about the results it’s having on humans, but I’m having a lot of scientific people come down there to check it out.

MEADE: David, you are a master marketer. How are you going to make me believe this story, and our viewers, too? Because, the first thing I would say was, if that’s true, what happens when you come in contact with it?

COPPERFIELD: We don’t know yet, but I will let you know.

MEADE: Have you come in contact with it?

COPPERFIELD: I’ll come back, I’ll be 22!

MEADE: Because people are going to want you to bottle it. You say this Fountain of Youth — is it in a fountain form? Is it in a pool?

What is it?

COPPERFIELD: Well, I don’t want to say right now because it will guide people to it too specifically. I’m going to be a little bit cryptic because I’m just trying to protect it at the same time. While we’re doing research on it, we’re trying to protect it. And I will let you know.

MEADE: How can you make me believe this? Because I’m going to ask you — you say you have scientific people coming — and you’re just so known for great illusions and setups and stuff that I’m going to say, okay, if you have scientific people coming to test it, who are these scientific people? Can you name them? What institutions are they with? So on and so forth.

COPPERFIELD: You wait and see. You shall see. If you don’t believe it, that’s actually almost better for me. So it’s going to be cool.

MEADE: You are a master illusionist and a master marketer, too!

That’s David Copperfield, live from his, we’ll say four islands in the southern Bahamas — Musha Cay.

COPPERFIELD: We’ll have lunch and I’ll bring some back with me, okay? We’ll have a drink.

MEADE: Okay. You bottle that stuff up and we’ll see.

COPPERFIELD: Thanks, Robin.