Perusing the David Copperfield Headlines

A lackluster media performance, despite some sizzling source material.

ShutterstockDavidCopperfield2013In case you hadn’t heard, a very unfortunate incident occurred earlier this month at the East 57th Street penthouse apartment owned by magician David Copperfield. He was in Las Vegas when a pump malfunction caused the entire contents of his rooftop swimming pool to drain out and down.

Page Six’s Emily Smith was first to report the news. In her Friday evening wake, the biggest surprise is how unimaginative many of the pick-up report headlines have been. With a few exceptions here and there.

David Copperfield’s Pool Magically Vanishes, Reappears in Neighbor’s Apartment– Someone at the FOX affiliate in Kansas City deserves kudos for this headline. It’s different from the AP source material and does a great job of blending in the hocus pocus.

David Copperfield Has Rich White People Problems” – At first, it might seem that the headline for the snarky Heckler Spray take by Krysta Fitzpatrick is a little harsh. However, once you consider the headline for her recent Sean Penn item, it becomes clear Mr. C got off click-bait easy.

N.J. Native David Copperfield’s Pool Floods His NYC Building, Report Says” – Although intended no doubt to give the story some additional across-the-Hudson resonance, this headline actually makes it seem like it was half the Garden State’s fault. In our humble opinion, the editors would have been better served by referencing the fact that Copperfield owns Houdini’s Water Torture Cabinet rather than the fact that he was born and raised in Metuchen.
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