David Copperfield empties his pockets for robbers; David Blaine empties his heart for New Yorkers

Lots of magicians in the news today. Odd. mm-0001.gif

But while we hate to admit it, we just live for moments like this: Magician fakes out robbers with sleight-of-hand. Would that Pellicano could have done the same with the hand grenades when the G men came a-knockin’ with their guns. blaine.jpg.JPG

Simultaneously, illusionist David Blaine says he’s returning to New York to perform his next trick, after the taunting he took in London: Viz,

That support was glaringly lacking in 2003 when he underwent a 44-day fast while suspended above London’s River Thames in a glass box. Detractors came up with increasingly inventive ways to taunt or unsettle Blaine such as using a remote-control model helicopter to dangle a cheeseburger in front of the starving magician.

And you wonder why the British lost the empire?