Pool Reporter Remarks on His Age


Christian Science Monitor‘s Senior Editor and Washington Bureau Chief  David Cook added an interesting nugget to his Pool Report Monday night: He’s old.

The event was a DNC fundraiser dinner hosted by Alexandra Santon and Sam Nataproff in Manhattan.

“Elderly pooler tramped up 5 flights of stairs into the Stanton residence and into what appeared to be a dining room. There were six tables of 10 in a rose colored room with light gold curtains. The meal included beef. And as the pool left the room after his remarks, Co-pooler David Nakamura heard POTUS say ‘how is the meat?'”

Cook, a member of the Gridiron Club who began working at the Christian Science Monitor in 1974, was not too old, however, to notice the importance of an attendee, singer Justin Timberlake. He wrote, “NOTE: Pooler saw Timberlake wearing trendy glasses with thick black plastic frames and his hair was parted on the side and slicked back.”

We reached out to him to ask his exact age as it isn’t mentioned in any article we found about the CSM. “He’s ancient, almost as old as me,” remarked a really longtime Washington journalist.

Please note: “tramped up” is not a sexual term, even on Urban Dictionary. It means, “to walk with a heavy, firm, resounding step.” (Source: Dictionary.com)

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