David Cohn Moving On from Spot.us

Spot.us founder David Cohn has officially handed the reins of his baby over to American Public Media’s Public Insight Network. Cohn stayed on to help APM after they acquired Spot.us four months ago, but, as of today, Cohn writes on his blog, APM will have complete control over the site.

Only four months ago Spot.Us was acquired by American Public Media to be merged with the Public Insight Network. That deal came after five months of due-diligence from both parties and two months of good faith communication.

It has come to my realization, however, that in its new form Spot.Us is no longer the best place for me. In many respects that’s perfectly fine. I handed over Spot.Us with enough money to support itself for one year. Combine those funds with the capable hands of APM and it’s possible Spot.Us will remain healthy and continue for a long time. I wish nothing but the best for Spot.Us as a platform and community. But for me – it’s time to move on. With this post I’m handing full reigns of Spot.Us over to APM not just in ownership (which already happened) but in terms of direction. This change has been going on in the background for some time and now it’s official. This is me taking a bow and exiting stage left….

There is certainly room as well for a personal postmortem. I’m going to save that for another time after some more dust settles and I get some needed distance. But I will say this – there are things we did beautifully and other things we didn’t. There are opportunities we grabbed by the throat and others that slipped past our fingers. That’s just what happens in life, especially when your aim is to push boundaries.

Day-to-day operations of Spot.us were already largely in the hands of American Public Media, but APM’s Andrew Haeg will now be officially guiding the site for the Public Insight team.