Politico‘s Catanese Back to Tweeting About Akin

Following a 10 day hiatus, Politico‘s David Catanese is back on Twitter at full steam. It was comments regarding Todd Akin‘s (R-Mo.) “legitimate rape” gaffe that landed Catanese in hot water last week and yanked off the Akin beat. But as of yesterday, he resumed tweeting about the U.S. Senate candidate.

“I clearly lost the month of August, what Senate candidates join me in that column?” Catanese said Wednesday, his first tweet in more than a week as we reported that day, indicating that the reporter had used his time away to reflect on what happened. Reflection appeared to tame his tweets. The next day he was sending out poll numbers on Akin’s race. “[Sen. Claire] McCaskill 45%, Akin 44% GOP establishment: teeth-gnashing…” he wrote. Catanese sent out two more tweets that day on the status of Akin’s race.

Earlier today Republican strategist Karl Rove was quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek as saying, “If [Akin is] found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts!” Catanese tweeted the quote and two more quotes with Akin’s spokesperson responding to it.

Catanese has also filed two stories for Politico referencing Akin’s Senate race (here and here).

Catanese did not respond to a request for comment. A remark from Catanese, however, turned up in a local Missouri newspaper last week. “I would never intentionally impugn a woman who has been the victim of the horrific crime of rape,” Catanese said in the statement. “My commentary on Rep. Akin’s repugnant rhetoric failed to make this clear.”

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