David Carr on NY Times Metered System: ‘This Time We’re All Going To Hold Hands’

We caught up with New York Times Media Equation columnist David Carr after a panel he spoke on, titled, “Media Armageddon: What Happens When The New York Times Dies.”

While Carr joked on Twitter that he would serve as the “mainstream media pinata” on the panel, he held his own, and said, “I didn’t really feel defensive up there. I feel that we’re a target because we’re synonymous with serious reporting.”

“I do think that we can do a better job telling our story,” he said, and then mentioned how the recent hiring of Dow Jones PR head Bob Christie could change that.

We asked Carr what he thought about potentially having his content as part of the upcoming metered system, where readers will have to pay for the Times‘ online content after viewing a certain amount of stories.

“This time we’re all going to hold hands behind what I think is a very judicious, metered approach, 15, 20 hits…10 hits,” he said, referring to the Times‘ last online pay model, Times Select, where only a select few writers were part of the paid content system.

“I think it’s a way to turn towards our most passionate users, and say, are you willing to pay a convenience charge?” he said.

Carr then went on to joke, “They don’t consult me, and if they do they listen to what I say, they go the other way as fast as the can.”