David Carr on Being ‘Old Media Grampy Pants’ and ‘New Media Avatar’

David Carr of The New York Times has opinions on pretty much everything, and — because of his age and experience — a lot of the time those opinions blur the line between old media and new media.

In an interview with The Globe and Mail, Carr opens up about how he stays old and new at the same time. Below are some highlights, click through for the full piece. Also, after the jump, check out Carr on Mediabistro’s My First Big Break.

On Eventually Accepting Twitter:

I do think it’s very helpful in terms of having a human RSS – 600 people I follow, at least half of them I have intersecting professional interests, and I do think it puts me on tempo, in narrative, in a really important way.

On mixing old and new media:

I made a very conscious decision that – Am I an old media grampy pants or a new media avatar? And the answer is: I’m both.

On turning things over to experts:

I fight with Bruce Headlam, who’s my top editor, I’m always dumping quotes into my column and he says, ‘People care what you think, and a lot of times what I think is what they think. I’m not the kind of person who can just watch things going by and put a little extra sauce on it. I mean, I think I’m a good writer and a good thinker but my stuff always gets better with phone calls.