David Carr Continues His Love Affair With TMZ TV

It’s dangerous, when you’re a media critic for the leading newspaper in the U.S., to wear your tabloid feelings on your sleeve. But that’s what David Carr at the New York Times has been doing for some time now with regards to TMZ’s syndicated TV show.

Earlier this spring, Carr tweeted the following gushy observation:

On Sunday, Carr continued apace with a longer love letter in the Times that makes only passing mention of the overall operation’s reliance on cash payments for big stories and sidesteps the personal regimens of TMZ cameramen. Which is too bad, because if for example the reporter could have added up all the money TMZ has spent for scoops, it would have made for a much more accurate headline.

TMZ–or at least RibEye, the fish mentioned by Carr that lives on Harvey Levin’s desk–seems to agree. Of the June 26th write-up, RibEye gurgled: “The part about me is shear [sic] poetry… the rest is drivel.” Correctomundo, fish.