David Carr Urges BU Students to Eat Their Wheaties

That’s just one of several great quotes relayed by journalism major Carly Sitrin in her report about the New York Times media columnist’s Monday talk with BU College of Communication students. The Wheaties crack was in reference to students needing every bit of energy to manage and survive today’s frenetic multi-platform world.

Another choice tidbit provided by New Jersey native Sitrin, set to graduate in 2017, is this one:

Despite the herculean task of reporting the news quickly and accurately, Carr remained optimistic. “We are living in an age where the Web is a self-cleaning oven” he said, adding that no matter what, the truth inevitably comes out.

Ha ha. Sorry, but that just brings up a number of hilarious mental images. Starting with the Web equivalent of Easy Off, something a number of sites we happen upon daily could really use. Read Sitrin’s lively, full report here. By the way, this is her very first contribution to The Quad . Well done!

Below is Carr’s “My First Big Break” conversation with Mediabistro, in which he talks about some pivotal Minneapolis events:

[Image courtesy: New York Times]