David Carr Discusses NY Times Buyouts

NYtimes buildingToday is the deadline for New York Times staffers to accept buyout packages. As we’ve reported, if 100 people do not take the offers, there will be cuts. As of last week only about 30 staffers had inquired about the buyout, meaning it’s going to be a rough week at the Times. In his latest column, the Times’ David Carr discusses the uncomfortableness of it all:

I work closely with a few longtime employees who are considering the buyouts. The deadline for putting up their hand is Monday, and it seems clear that we will be losing people with many decades of professional experience, journalists with deep sources and remarkable levels of productivity.

Carr approaches the ordeal with a nice amount of honesty, especially because he’s writing about Times layoffs in the Times. His take is that he understands why it’s happening, but that doesn’t make him worry any less.

“The Times will always be bigger than any one individual and will no doubt find people inside and outside the building who will do their own version of amazing things, but it’s still scary to think about making our way without some of the people who plan to leave,” writes Carr.