David Carey: HGTV Magazine ‘The Most Recent Example of Our Strong Commitment to The Future’

FishbowlNY mentioned last week that we weren’t quite sure what to make of Hearst launching HGTV Magazine in such a bad economy, but David Carey, President of Hearst Magazines, knows exactly what he thinks: He loves it. In a memo to staffers obtained by Poynter, Carey says tomorrow’s launch represents the Hearst way:

Of course we hope that HGTV Magazine goes smoothly from test to launch, but the very fact that we’re creating yet another new product, based on a very smart concept, is significant. It is a testament to our conviction that every sector, every corner of the magazine industry, and every part of our company, is ripe for fresh thinking. Our philosophy that risk is necessary for both growth and continued success remains one of our core beliefs.

Maybe HGTV Magazine will work, but we’re still skeptical. It doesn’t seem likely that people will want to buy yet another magazine that tells people what to buy. But you never can be sure, and Carey obviously knows that. Hell, Ben Stiller is popular and that doesn’t make any sense, so why can’t a new magazine work?

To read Carey’s full memo, click here.