HuffPost Sexes Up David Bowie’s 68th Birthday

BowieWendyLeighHere’s an interesting reminder of how The Huffington Post works its traffic magic.

The item “David Bowie Had More 1970s Sex Than You Had” originally appeared last fall on website Zest Now, which tags itself as being ‘For Women 50 and Forward.’ But since today is the more important SEO Bowie day (the singer’s 68th birthday), voila, the item by Roz Warren has re-appeared at the HuffPo aggregate end. With all of the salacious Wendy Leigh biography parsed info intact:

In his prime, Bowie had “an enormous” sexual appetite and enjoyed walking around naked, “his long, weighty penis swaying from side to side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock.” After Dark magazine described his equipment as “unusually large, almost inhuman.”

His first wife Angie referred to his penis as “the Lance of Love.”

“When we met,” Bowie said about first wife Angie, “we were f*cking the same bloke.”

These days, it’s apparently all about monogamy and a SoHo panic room. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bowie!

[Jacket cover courtesy: Simon & Schuster]