David Bomford Resigns as Acting Director of the Getty Museum, James Cuno Takes the Job and Becomes His Own Boss

Apparently when James Cuno enters a cultural institution, he doesn’t just take the reigns, but takes over completely. Just four months ago, the former head of the Art Institute of Chicago took over as the new President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust, and all the various museums and organizations that fall under that giant blanket. Now the Getty Museum has announced that its acting director, David Bomford, who replaced Michael Brand just last year, has stepped down to move back to his native London. In his place as the new acting director? You guessed it: James Cuno. This, of course, makes him the boss of himself, which in turns means that he can now having meetings about the museum in mirrors or even just relatively shiny surfaces. As for Bomford, here’s his statement about his leaving:

I have been privileged to serve as acting director of the Getty Museum and to have the opportunity to lead an incredible staff. Whether working with curators as they identified objects to add to our growing collections, interacting with the highly creative teams who work collaboratively to develop the Getty’s internationally recognized exhibitions, or with our dedicated team of educators, my experience has been extraordinarily rewarding in every aspect.