Facebook Fans Chime In on David Beckham Tattoo

The media is catching up today to a December 12th Facebook photo post by LA Galaxy sometimes-star David Beckham. The picture shows Beckham at the starting point of six new hours of emblazoning by Mark Mahoney of Sunset Strip’s Shamrock Social Club.

At press time, just under 13,000 Facebook users had indicated that they “liked” the photo, though it’s not quite clear what Beckham had done. Some of the many comments are priceless. Here are two of our favorites:

Rodolfo Butial: Hi David Beckham, you’re a man that every girl, gays are dreaming of. Just looking at your sexy billboard I nearly missed the train, AMAZING!

Kathleen Angel Heffron: Just imagine when you’re 80. How will they look with too many?

A wrinkled, fully inked octogenarian version of Becks, now there’s a funny mental picture. Wonder if the paparazzi will still be chasing him in 2055.